Private Lettings

Private Lettings
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Private Lettings

Letting your property through M2L’s Private & Corporate lettings team, ensures you the highest calibre tenants giving you complete peace of mind. At M2L we offer a completely comprehensive service every day of the year. Using M2L to manage your property means that we will take care of all your tenants’ needs, and ensure your property is managed and maintained throughout its term. Our dedicated team and service has been developed over the years to continually exceed expectations. When you let your property through M2L you can leave the management issues to a professional company giving you – complete peace of mind.

Quality Management service

The quality of service you receive is of paramount importance to us. We will ensure every area is dealt with professionally from moving in to moving out, including renewals, collecting rent, payments to your account, administration and compliance. For all of our tenants we provide a 24-hour concierge help line service so that they never need to contact you direct.

Regular Property inspections

Throughout the term, we manage your property and our fully qualified inspectors will carry out regular inspections. We also welcome joint inspections so you can be confident your property is being well managed.

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